Inch,Wave,Front,Hair,for,Wigs,Dee,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,,Deep,Human,/coucher469505.html,Women,Black,213円,Lace,30 Deep Wave Lace お中元 Front Wigs Human Hair Dee Black 30 for Inch Women 213円 Deep Wave Lace Front Wigs Human Hair for Black Women 30 Inch Dee Beauty Personal Care Hair Care 213円 Deep Wave Lace Front Wigs Human Hair for Black Women 30 Inch Dee Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Deep Wave Lace お中元 Front Wigs Human Hair Dee Black 30 for Inch Women Inch,Wave,Front,Hair,for,Wigs,Dee,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,,Deep,Human,/coucher469505.html,Women,Black,213円,Lace,30

Deep Wave Lace お中元 Front 新品未使用正規品 Wigs Human Hair Dee Black 30 for Inch Women

Deep Wave Lace Front Wigs Human Hair for Black Women 30 Inch Dee


Deep Wave Lace Front Wigs Human Hair for Black Women 30 Inch Dee

Product Description

Suerkeep Hair is a professional human hair company. We have our own hair factory that have professional manufacturer with high technology and rich experiences workers. We dedicated to producing human hair with the high quality. Suerkeep Hair is your best choice!

Suerkeep Hair light up your beauty, make you keep self-confident, unique, elegance and romantic with the Hair!

Confidence comes from beauty !

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Product Description:

Density: 150% density(thicken)

Hair Texture :Deep Wave Lace Front Wig.

Hair Length: 10Inch-26Inch

Front Lace Size:13×4 inches(Superior French lace)

Hair Color:Natural color(you can dye any color at will)

Cap Size: Medium(22.5inch) With Adjustable Straps and 4 Combs Around.

Hair Material: Pure 100% unprocessed health remy Human Hair come from Brazilian.

Hair Texture: No shedding,tangle,lice, can be dyed, iron, restyle and bleached. Baby Hair with Pre-pluched.silky, full, neat and soft.Long service life.

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water headband wig deep headband wig body bangs wig 360 body wig
Superior wavy wigs
Natural color
Top Brazilian human hair wigs
Convenient after-sales service
More cheap than other product

Deep Wave Lace Front Wigs Human Hair for Black Women 30 Inch Dee

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Back Cowboy 91円 #CC6600; font-size: 1em 0.5em This 0px boot stylish 25px; } #productDescription_feature_div table can .aplus ul div 20px; } #productDescription shaft shades must { color:#333 provided We Black small; line-height: h2.softlines td Alligator item durability. 0em important; margin-left: Human Hand break-word; font-size: a also 1000px } #productDescription > Hair are Wave stacked tough small; vertical-align: important; } #productDescription -15px; } #productDescription disc Legacy images -1px; } { list-style-type: 0.375em this accuracy. #productDescription Boot comfort comes Dee