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LablifePro’s weekly features include video mapping demo’s, in-studio interviews with today’s trailblazing artists across all genres of music and weekly guest blog posts from a wide array of accomplished producers, DJ’s and project studio owners that allows our readership front line insight into how to make it work in the business. Pro Sound pack releases will also available for purchase.


Senior Admin

Channelling his alter ego "FRANK FRICTION", Bootie Brown is expanding his creative, innovative and genre bending repertoire with the release of his forthcoming project BIRDTALK THE MIX Bootie Brown is constantly expanding his creative palate. When not touring the world with The Pharcyde, he is in the studio. Brown has collaborated with many artists, including JDILLA, DANGER MOUSE, and THE GORILLAZ in which he garnered international acclaim with the monster hit "DIRTY HARRY" and resulted in performing sold out shows, a world tour and Grammy and Brit Award nominations.

DJ Icewater

Tech Advisor

DJ Icewater has over 20 years of experience as a DJ and Audio Engineer. Throughout this time he has witnessed first hand the evolution of technology and music. As the tech advisor for the Lab Life Pro team, his focus will be on reviewing new products and providing tutorials/mappings.