Roscoe Dash for Lab Life Pro from LabLifePro on Vimeo.

Roscoe Dash is a rapper, singer, writer and music producer, you may have heard him on songs with Kanye West, Big Sean, Wale, and more.

Roscoe is getting ready to put out a new album titled “Dash Effect 2” in which he mentioned in an interview with our host Lucy Sarabia on Firme Radio that it’s his “first release after his first release.”

What he meant with that statement is that Dash Effect 2 will be his first release after being released from his first contract.

Roscoe also mentioned that he is starting a production company but he didn’t mention any further details.

In this interview with Lab Life Pro Roscoe talks about the production equipment he likes to use during a session, why he learned the most from a Kanye West production and the artists and producers who have influenced him throughout his music career.

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