Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Fast,Ele,Sharpener,/resinoelectric1748611.html,32円,lablifepro.com,Knife,Multifunction,UNOIF,Grindstone,Electric UNOIF 倉 Electric Knife Sharpener Fast Multifunction Grindstone Ele 32円 UNOIF Electric Knife Sharpener Multifunction Fast Grindstone Ele Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining UNOIF 倉 Electric Knife Sharpener Fast Multifunction Grindstone Ele Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Fast,Ele,Sharpener,/resinoelectric1748611.html,32円,lablifepro.com,Knife,Multifunction,UNOIF,Grindstone,Electric 32円 UNOIF Electric Knife Sharpener Multifunction Fast Grindstone Ele Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

UNOIF 倉 高い素材 Electric Knife Sharpener Fast Multifunction Grindstone Ele

UNOIF Electric Knife Sharpener Multifunction Fast Grindstone Ele


UNOIF Electric Knife Sharpener Multifunction Fast Grindstone Ele

Product description

☛ Properties:
Professional grade, high-speed sharpening stone sharpens and hones the blade; Built-in guide holds the blade at the perfect angle; Diamond grinding wheel, guaranteeing high efficiency and fine sharpening results; Multifunctional design;

☛ parameters:
Size: 20 * 10 * 15cm
Weight: 1.3kg
Voltage: 230V
Power: 40W
Material: ABS, diamond

☛ Instructions:
● Rough grinding: Add more blunt tools, place the knife on the rough grinding wheel and retract 5 times with a little force.
● Fine grinding: It is common to be used for everyday sharpening. Place the knife on the fine grinding wheel and pull it back and forth about 3 times.

☛ Precautions:
1. No need to add water and any liquid when sharpening the knife;
2. The force should not be too great when sharpening the knives so as not to scratch the edge;
3. After the tool is cleaned, clean the tool surface and then use it.

☛ The product includes:
  Electric knife sharpener * 1

UNOIF Electric Knife Sharpener Multifunction Fast Grindstone Ele

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