7" LED Headlight Chrome Ultra Limited 2 Passing 4-1 マート with L 7" LED Headlight Chrome Ultra Limited 2 Passing 4-1 マート with L with,4-1/2,Passing,Limited,lablifepro.com,(Chrome),7",/oldhearted103240.html,LED,Ultra,LED,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,70円,L,Headlight 70円 7" LED Headlight (Chrome) Ultra Limited with 4-1/2 LED Passing L Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories with,4-1/2,Passing,Limited,lablifepro.com,(Chrome),7",/oldhearted103240.html,LED,Ultra,LED,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,70円,L,Headlight 70円 7" LED Headlight (Chrome) Ultra Limited with 4-1/2 LED Passing L Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories


7" LED Headlight (Chrome) Ultra Limited with 4-1/2 LED Passing L


7" LED Headlight (Chrome) Ultra Limited with 4-1/2 LED Passing L

Product description



Fit for Harley Davidson:

'14-'19 Electra Glide FLHT
'14-'19 Ultra Limited FLHTK
'14-'19 Road King FLHR
'14-'19 Street Glide FLHX
'14-'19 Softail FLS / FLST
'14-'19 Fatboy/Fatboy Lo FLSTF


'15-'18 Chief
'15-'18 Chieftain
'15-'18 Springfield
'15-'18 Roadmaster


'94-'13 Electra Glide FLHT
'94-'13 Road King FLHR
'94-'13 Heritage Softail FLSTC
'94-'13 Fatboy FLSTF
'06-'13 Street Glide FLHX
'12-'17 Dyna Switchback FLD
Install included Mounting Bracket for '94-'13 Touring Models (Street Glide, Electra Glide, Road King amp; Switchback FLD)


7" headlight 60W
Voltage: 10-30V
Color Temperature:6000K(pure white)
Lumen:3600LM for High beam,2400LM for Low beam
Product dimension: 7 x 3.8 x 7 inches
Waterproof level: IP67
Work Temperature: -40℃~+80
Material: Diecast Aluminum Housing

Package included:

1PC X 7" Inch Led Headlight
2PCS X 4.5" Inch 30W LED Fog Lights
1PC X Harly Conversion Harness Adapter
1PC x 7 INCH headlight Mounting Bracket Ring

7" LED Headlight (Chrome) Ultra Limited with 4-1/2 LED Passing L

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