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TWOPAGES Customized Roman Shade Linen Print Lo with 18%OFF 贈答

TWOPAGES Customized Roman Shade, Print Linen Roman Shade with Lo


TWOPAGES Customized Roman Shade, Print Linen Roman Shade with Lo

Product Description

roman shade


Add beauty, and functionality with fabric roman shades. Roman shades will effortlessly transform the look and feel of any room. These washable roman shades come in a large color choices to complement the interior of any room.

custom roman shades

  • The Roman curtain is perfect for small windows. It is easy to install and occupies no space.
  • Hardware and installation instruction are included. Corded lift system ensures safety and practicality.
  • It also has good functionality. It can also lift and shade up and down well. Gives your windows the look of luxurious fabric.
  • Add depth and dramatic presentation to any room thanks to the beautiful folds of Roman shades, coupled with a huge palette of designer fabrics.

TWOPAGES Customized Roman Shade, Print Linen Roman Shade with Lo

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Discover the Native Plants of North America

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