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Let us introduce you to the Mana Modular Console. This is a Great project that is being fund raised by Mana Modular and KickStarter. For all those who have 500 units this will bring you API, SSL, Purple Audio to life with a classic console control. We will keep our eye on this piece and make sure to update any news that we find available.
But this unit is already making noise over at Lablifepro. Cant wait to see it up close at NAMM

Mana is the heart of a studio

The word “Mana” comes from Māori and means spiritual power and personal influence.

For us, Mana represents highest quality, passion and experience. Mana Modular was designed to enable you to build your unique setup, shape your own configuration and to grow and change with your needs.

These days, most music is recorded on small systems and laptops. Those large bespoke mixing consoles are nice, but expensive and require meticulous maintenance.

Mana 510 gives you the best of both worlds: a premium analogue audio console easily scaled to 32 channels and integrated digital control with low upfront and support costs in a single, modern, ergonomic package.

Mana configuration options are endless, but it’s only half of the story. We managed to fit a truly remarkable set of features in this compact unit:

10 slots housing any 500 series modules
Dual mix bus design
8 channel, field scale-able, analogue desktop audio console
PPM meter in every channel
Mastering grade master section
Easily expandable in multiples of 8 channels
High quality Penny and Gilles faders
Up to 16 channel analogue summing
Channels cascade & channel controls
Mana is perfect for:

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