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to My Dear 国内送料無料 Grandson Football Adult Sofa LHA380 Grandma 高価値 Blanket

to My Dear Grandson, Football Grandma Sofa Blanket LHA380, Adult


to My Dear Grandson, Football Grandma Sofa Blanket LHA380, Adult

Product description


Why Everyone Love GEEMBI? 's Products ?
Each product is creatively designed and carefully made by our skilled artisans. Our products are not simply just quilts or blankets, they are also masterpieces. Be confident to create by choosing the quilts ,blanket, area rug that are suitable for your hobby, you will make your bedroom ,living room , kitchen ...colorful and unique releasing all stress and pressure in daily life. Let's spread out these colorful quilts/blanket/rug to your beloved like families, friends and relatives. This will be definitely a very meaningful gift for any occasions such as: Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine and so on.

?Made of fleece, does not absorb any water.

?Easy to clean, machine washable and dries quickly.

?Lightweight, durable and could be folded away compactly.

?Super soft and excellent hand feeling.


?460 GSM

?80% Sherpa Fleece -20% Premium Microfiber

?Unique themes

?Machine Washable

?Available Size : Youth/Adult
Youth : 59"x59" (

to My Dear Grandson, Football Grandma Sofa Blanket LHA380, Adult


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