L/s,28円,Shirt,Pett,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Girls,to,Sequins,lablifepro.com,White,Petitebella,Sequins,Pink,1st,5th,/leptosome71745.html L/s,28円,Shirt,Pett,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Girls,to,Sequins,lablifepro.com,White,Petitebella,Sequins,Pink,1st,5th,/leptosome71745.html 28円 Petitebella Sequins 1st to 5th White L/s Shirt Pink Sequins Pett Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Girls Petitebella Sequins 1st to 5th White 18%OFF Pink s Shirt Pett L 28円 Petitebella Sequins 1st to 5th White L/s Shirt Pink Sequins Pett Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Girls Petitebella Sequins 1st to 5th White 18%OFF Pink s Shirt Pett L

Petitebella Sequins 1st to 最新アイテム 5th White 18%OFF Pink s Shirt Pett L

Petitebella Sequins 1st to 5th White L/s Shirt Pink Sequins Pett


Petitebella Sequins 1st to 5th White L/s Shirt Pink Sequins Pett

Product description

Product includes: skirt, shirt

size XS(1-2year), chest girth: 16-20 inches, length: 14.5 inches
size S(3-4year), chest girth: 17-21 inches, length: 15.5 inches
size M(4-5year), chest girth: 18-22 inches, length: 16.5 inches
size L(5-6year), chest girth: 19-23 inches, length: 17.5 inches
size XL(6-8year), chest girth: 20-24 inches, length: 18.5 inches

size XS(1-2year), waist girth: 18-22 inches, length: 8.5 inches
size S(3-4year), waist girth: 19-23 inches, length: 9.5 inches
size M(4-5year), waist girth: 20-24 inches, length: 10.5 inches
size L(5-6year), waist girth: 21-25 inches, length: 11.5 inches
size XL(6-8year), waist girth: 22-26 inches, length: 12.5 inches

Petitebella Sequins 1st to 5th White L/s Shirt Pink Sequins Pett


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