Stretch Wrap Film Heavy 有名な Duty Shrink Clear Roll x 18 1 Inch 90円 Stretch Wrap Film, Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap Roll Clear 18 Inch x 1 Office Products Office School Supplies Wrap,/lekane23516.html,Clear,Office Products , Office School Supplies,18,,Duty,x,Film,,Roll,Stretch,Inch,Shrink,1,Wrap,90円,Heavy Wrap,/lekane23516.html,Clear,Office Products , Office School Supplies,18,,Duty,x,Film,,Roll,Stretch,Inch,Shrink,1,Wrap,90円,Heavy 90円 Stretch Wrap Film, Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap Roll Clear 18 Inch x 1 Office Products Office School Supplies Stretch Wrap Film Heavy 有名な Duty Shrink Clear Roll x 18 1 Inch

Stretch Wrap Film Heavy 有名な Duty Shrink Clear 在庫一掃売り切りセール Roll x 18 1 Inch

Stretch Wrap Film, Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap Roll Clear 18 Inch x 1


Stretch Wrap Film, Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap Roll Clear 18 Inch x 1

Product description

Size:8 Pack

Dallas Packaging Supplies is a distributor of industrial strength high quality stretch wrap Made In the USA. Using our stretch film to secure, bundle, and stabilize products on a pallet. Stretch film is made from high quality linear low-density polyethylene. Every roll is made to hold extreme load and firmly secure products on a pallet. Using the right gauge thickness, we are able to achieve a film that has increased tensile strength and properties with anti-puncture characteristics that cause minimal tears when wrapping. Self-Adhesive film attaches to itself when wrapping and is free of residue. Pallet wrapping is the process of securing a product to a pallet or other surface for shipment. 18" x 1200 ft Heavy Duty Stretch film is commonly used to wrap products on pallets and secure them to each other and the pallet. This often helps to reduce products loss, discourage load tampering, and reduce worker injury. Exceptionally strong stretch wrap Film. 4 Rolls Stretch Wrapping Films are tear resistant, puncture resistant, offer greater wrap consistency and holding force than standard shrink films because they have already been stretched out- 18" x 1200 ft Stretch film.

Stretch Wrap Film, Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap Roll Clear 18 Inch x 1

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