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The LabLifePro crew was out in full force at NAMM 2015. We checked out all the new equipment and our host Lucy Sarabia caught up with many artists @NAMM 2015 who chatted with her about the equipment and lab tools they were excited to see and learn more about!


Check out Dj Big Wiz (Rane/Pharcyde/AESOP ROCK) run though some of the functionality of the DJ’s favorite Classic Rane TT57MKll. CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE TO VIEW COVERAGE

beatjunkye copy

Our host Lucy caught up with DJ Rhettmatic, DJ Babu and Mr. Choc of the (World Famous Beatjunkies) @ NAMM 2015 who talked about working on new projects with Dash Radio. CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE TO VIEW COVERAGE

glasses mc

We ran into Glasses Malone (rapper) at the Akai booth @NAMM 2015 and he talked about working on an upcoming album and looking forward to checking out the moog. CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE TO VIEW COVERAGE

Videos are also available for viewing on Vimeo at LabLifePro @NAMM 2015 GROUP. Please click here

Here is our LaLifePro DAW chart to show you what some of our guest have been using to create their Hit Songs…

LLP Draw Chart


2014 was a great start for the Lab Life Pro team and we plan to make 2015 a even bigger and greater year full of featured interviews with more great producers and DJ’s. We also plan to add more tutorials, DJ, and lab tips. We hope that you continue to support the Lab Life Pro team and we thank you for your support thus far. Check out our 2014 wrap up video with our host Lucy to check out some of the producers and DJ’s we have featured so far and make sure you let us know who else you would like to see featured. Don’t forget to like and share with your fellow music heads.


Music journalist Lucy Sarabia is a contributing writer, producer, and host for LabLIfePro. As a native of Long Beach, California she has gravitated towards anything related to music. Lucy has founded and created her website For The Love of Music in which she not only provides the latest news in music and entertainment but also shares her love for music with the world. During this time Lucy is also a contributing writer for

With LabLifePro Lucy has met with and interviewed some of the music industry’s top upcoming DJ’s and producers, during these interviews Lucy gets more in depth with the artist and invites them to share their list of equipment and workflow in the studio. Let Lucy Welcome you to LABLIFEPRO