Lab Integration: Neyrick V-Control Pro
With LabLifePro Founder and original member of The Pharcyde’s Romye Robinson

I created LabLifePro to explore the many questions I had and still have about what products and tools producers and Dj’s use to create and play music. There are so many options from digital to analogue and it’s very 
easy to buy equipment hastily, and without thorough knowledge of what you are really investing in. I have done it myself numerous times throughout my career.
I wanted to create an informative and inclusive platform for both the new upcoming producer/DJ to the seasoned lab rat vet to utilize. It was important to me to hear first hand what some artists are using for their setup and how they are using the equipment to create and translate that into user friendly information for our site visitors.

On Global Studio Mobilization :

I spend the majority of my time solo in the studio. The V control pro is my go to tool for controlling everyday programs
 such as Final Cut Pro 7, Reaper, and Adobe Premiere. My main 
use for the app is Pro Tools because this app allows me to remotely record from the sound booth with a functional transport, add plugins such as eq and compressors all from my IPad .
Prior to using this program, I had to use a Bluetooth qwerty keyboard and remember the shortcuts for each individual program with no control of adding or controlling any plugins.
A major plus is that it gives you an actual automation control over Adobe Premiere tracks which can be rather time consuming with the Adobe Premiere program alone. For those who are fortunate to own an iPad or iPad mini its a solid purchase.
Small home studios who can’t afford a mixing board or controller for their DAW
 or Video program you may want to check this setup out to see if it works for your recording needs.

Implemented in the Future:

To be honest, I really have only touched the surface of this program so there’s nothing I would say it needs right now. Making things more user friendly is always best. Of which I am sure is in the way with future updates.