Red Bull Studio was created with every detail arranged to handle the most in-depth recording processes, and provide maximum flexibility. We feature a Solid State Logic 9000 K-Series 48-channel mixing console for a classic analog experience, along with a Digidesign D-Command HD Pro Tools control surface for those that prefer a digital environment. The room has a well appointed outboard gear selection, as well as a myriad of microphones, amps, and other recording equipment. We have one large live room, three isolation booths of varying sizes, and a spacious and accommodating control room.

Red Bull Studio, Los Angeles was built in 2007 by acoustic designers Whitemark along with project manager Troy Germano of Studio Design Group/Germano Studios. In 2008, Red Bull Studio won the TEC Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Studio Design from the Foundation for Excellence in Audio; an award rarely given to a private studio. Red Bull Studio has been featured on the cover of Mix Magazine, as well as in various audio engineering publications.

The studio manager/engineer is Eric Stenman whose credits include: Dashboard Confessional, Saves the Day, We The Kings, Thrice, and The Hold Steady. While at Red Bull Studio LA, he has worked with artists such as: Nas, M.I.A. with Major Lazer, Wale, Good Charlotte, DJ AM, Weezer, All Time Low, and Asher Roth.

(1) 48 Channel SSL 9000 K-Series w/Total Recall and Ultimation
(1) Digidesign D Command (w/fader extension)

Pro Tools HD Accel (w/two 23″ cinema displays”)
(4) Digidesign 192 Interfaces (32 in/64 out)
(1) Apogee Big Ben
(1) Apple Mac Pro Computer
(2) Tascam DV-RA1000 CD Recorders

Mic Preamps

(8) Neve 1081 (Mic Pre-EQ)
(2) API 512 (Mic Preamps)
(2) Chandler Ltd. Germanium 500 (Mic Preamps)
(4) API 312 (Mic Preamps)
16 channels of Resolution Audio 873 Preamps
(1) Tube Tech MEC-1A (Mic Pre-EQ)
(1) SSL Xlogic Channel Strip
(1) Avalon VT-737 SP
(1) Universal Audio LA-610


(1) GML 8200 dual parametric EQ
(2) API 550A (EQ)
(2) API 550B (EQ)
(2) API 560 (Graphic EQ)
(2) Tube Tech PE-1C (EQ)

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