Physical Address

30 West Green Street

Pasadena, CA 91105



Managing Director: Jason Upright


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Located in the heart of historic Old Town Pasadena, Firehouse Recording Studios offers state-of-the-art recording facilities equipped to meet a wide array of client needs including live tracking, score-to-picture, and post-production. But the Firehouse experience goes beyond technical capabilities. Our skilled team is prepared to meet the diverse technical, logistic, and creative needs of each client, and our staff understand the value of providing a comprehensive and unique level of service.

Firehouse Gear and Facility

Complete with the latest digital recording capabilities, our three suites include tie lines connecting all control rooms. Studio A, our largest room, can be used for major productions and can accommodate up to a 30-piece orchestra. Studios B and C can be used for isolated instrument recordings or vocal/voiceover sessions. All three rooms are ideal for mixing, mastering, and scoring to picture, plus Studio A is equipped for 5.1 to 7.1 mixing. We also provide ISDN and Source Connect Recording for Worldwide commercials, films, and TV shows.

Here’s a sampling of just some of our on-site gear and equipment

  • Pro Tools 10 HDX-2 / 64 inputs wide
  • Avid ICON Console 48-fader
  • X-10 Meyer Speakers with X-800 Subwoofers 5.1
  • 16 Neve 1073 Mic Pre’s with EQ
  • Millennia HV-3D 8 Channel Mic Pre
  • Avalon VT-737 Mic Pre/Processor
  • API Mic Pre’s with 550A & 550B EQ’s
  • 4 Cal Rec Mic Pre’s
  • Bosendorfer 7’4″ Grand Piano

Extensive plug-in selection