LP SUPPORT 708CA 人気急上昇 Extreme Knee - Breat Compression Support Sleeve 24円 LP SUPPORT 708CA Extreme Knee Support Compression Sleeve - Breat Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment 24円 LP SUPPORT 708CA Extreme Knee Support Compression Sleeve - Breat Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment LP SUPPORT 708CA 人気急上昇 Extreme Knee - Breat Compression Support Sleeve Support,LP,Compression,24円,-,lablifepro.com,/explosibility71455.html,SUPPORT,708CA,Knee,Extreme,Sleeve,Breat,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment Support,LP,Compression,24円,-,lablifepro.com,/explosibility71455.html,SUPPORT,708CA,Knee,Extreme,Sleeve,Breat,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment

LP 送料無料/新品 SUPPORT 708CA 人気急上昇 Extreme Knee - Breat Compression Support Sleeve

LP SUPPORT 708CA Extreme Knee Support Compression Sleeve - Breat


LP SUPPORT 708CA Extreme Knee Support Compression Sleeve - Breat

Product Description

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LP SUPPORT Extreme Knee Support Functional Brace with Open Patella Design, Donut-Shaped Patella Pad

Established in the USA half a century ago, LP SUPPORT has been devoted to mastering every detail of sports biomechanics. With technology, innovation, and passion, we are committed to providing athletes with comprehensive, performance-driven, functional sports protection solutions.

LP has been recognized as the industry leader in the sports medicine category and in technical protective wear and has been well received by sports medical professionals. The Professional Soccer Athletic Trainers Society - PSATS - has officially endorsed LP’s compression sportswear series. LP is also the exclusive compression apparel provider for the National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association NBATA.

LP never stops research and development in the field of sports biomechanics. With decades of experience and expertise in the sports protection field, we continually strive to develop multiple specialized ranges of performance-driven braces and apparel, which helps you feel more confident in your training, challenge the impossible, and enjoy each new record you break.

Success stories from athletes who have benefited from these innovations inspire us to keep creating high-performance protective supports to meet their athletic needs.

LP SUPPORT Extreme Knee Support Functional Brace with Open Patella Design, Donut-Shaped Patella Pad

Athletes often over-train their knee joints during exercises. Repetitive motions like running, jumping and prolonged standing can place enormous stress on the knee.

Prevent Injuries and Recover Faster

The LP Extreme Knee Support is part of our extensive range of knee supports and is made of innovative Coolprene material which can relieve pain, swelling and stiffness and help injuries recover faster. Coolprene also provides dynamic protection during exercise for maximum comfort, excellent recovery and best protection.

In addition to preventative use, this support is helpful for post-operative knee problems, strains, arthritis and protection against abrasions.

Quick and Easy Application

The hook and loop closure with opposite fastening design makes it easy to slip on or off. The adjustable design also makes the knee brace an optimal fit for every knee while also providing extra stability.

Open Patella for Stress-Free Support

The open patella design helps prevent abnormal tracking of the patella and relieves pressure on your patella at the same time. The additional donut-shaped patella surround provides extra compression for even more effective support.

LP SUPPORT Extreme Knee Support Functional Brace with Open Patella Design

CoolPrene is an innovative, patented material developed by a team of medical consultants in conjunction with our Ramp;D center. The unique design comes from the theories of kinetics, anatomy, biomechanics and the mechanisms behind sports injuries.

The diamond-shaped grids and channel pattern of CoolPrene provide dynamic compression and are slip resistant for better protection. A revolutionary concept of grooves and venting holes working together in a pumping action when the joint moves, regulating excess heat and sweat to enhance comfort.

LP SUPPORT Extreme Knee Support Functional Brace with Open Patella Design

LP SUPPORT Extreme Knee Support Functional Brace with Open Patella Design

LP SUPPORT 708CA Extreme Knee Support Compression Sleeve - Breat

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