4HOMART YVONNEF.L.A.M. Dining 超人気 Table with PCS 5 Creative Chairs YVONNEF.L.A.M.,/engrain463693.html,Table,5,PCS,Chairs,,4HOMART,Dining,with,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Creative,147円,lablifepro.com 4HOMART YVONNEF.L.A.M. Dining 超人気 Table with PCS 5 Creative Chairs YVONNEF.L.A.M.,/engrain463693.html,Table,5,PCS,Chairs,,4HOMART,Dining,with,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Creative,147円,lablifepro.com 147円 4HOMART YVONNEF.L.A.M. Dining Table with Chairs, 5 PCS Creative Home Kitchen Furniture 147円 4HOMART YVONNEF.L.A.M. Dining Table with Chairs, 5 PCS Creative Home Kitchen Furniture

4HOMART YVONNEF.L.A.M. 着後レビューで 送料無料 Dining 超人気 Table with PCS 5 Creative Chairs

4HOMART YVONNEF.L.A.M. Dining Table with Chairs, 5 PCS Creative


4HOMART YVONNEF.L.A.M. Dining Table with Chairs, 5 PCS Creative

Product description

Color:Clear amp; Creative Style Frame Table+4 Black Chairs

4HOMART YVONNEamp;F.L.A.M. Dining Table with Chairs, 5 PCS Creative Style Frame Glass Table Set Modern Tempered Glass Top Table and PU Leather Chairs with 4 Black Chairs Dining Room Furniture
☆TABLE GLASS TOP - 8 mm thickness,easy to clean,safety round corner design.
☆PU LEAHTER CHAIRS - Anti-resistant steel frame,soft padded seats,ergonomic backrest.
☆Easy to assemble - There are the instructions in the package, so that you can have a fast installation.
☆Elegant and contemporary - You can put the dining table set in any room, just like living room,Bedroom and so on.

Table Material:Tempered Glass top,Iron steel frame
Chair Material:PU Leather,Iron steel frame
Table size - 47.2’’L x 27.6’’W x 29.5’’H
Table Weight - approx. 49lbs
Chair size- 15.7”L x 20"W x 37”H
Seat height - 16.5''
Chair Weight - approx 31lbs

Package Included:
1PC x Dining Table
4PC x Dining Chairs
1PC x Assemble Instruction

1.Please allow 0.5-1.2 inch measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
2.A wrong way of installation may cause item's instability, please read the assemble instruction carefully before installation

4HOMART YVONNEF.L.A.M. Dining Table with Chairs, 5 PCS Creative

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