Betterley UNA-GAUGE 感謝価格 Universal Alignment and Gauge Adjustment Betterley UNA-GAUGE 感謝価格 Universal Alignment and Gauge Adjustment 140円,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,Universal,and,/engrain23593.html,Alignment,Adjustment,UNA-GAUGE,Gauge,,Betterley 140円 Betterley UNA-GAUGE Universal Alignment and Adjustment Gauge Tools Home Improvement Electrical 140円 Betterley UNA-GAUGE Universal Alignment and Adjustment Gauge Tools Home Improvement Electrical 140円,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,Universal,and,/engrain23593.html,Alignment,Adjustment,UNA-GAUGE,Gauge,,Betterley

Betterley UNA-GAUGE 感謝価格 Universal Alignment and ショップ Gauge Adjustment

Betterley UNA-GAUGE Universal Alignment and Adjustment Gauge


Betterley UNA-GAUGE Universal Alignment and Adjustment Gauge

Product description

Get the tool alignment and adjustment gauge Fine Woodworking magazine calls "the best we've seen." From spindle and arbor runout to blade alignment, dado depth, router bit height and more, the Betterley UNA-GAUGE packs an amazing range of measurement capabilities into a single tool. Features: Instant incremental readings of .001" - simply "dial in" precise tool settingsMeasurement range of 3" above and 2" below the reference surface Miter slot attachment included for precise table-to-blade alignment Modular design provides multiple vertical and horizontal positions for the dial indicator Simple, tool-free repositioning of support legs allows fast, versatile set-up for a variety of measurement tasks Integrated rare earth magnets hold the gauge firmly to any steel surface, ensuring accuracy and leaving hands free to make adjustments Modular components made from durable anodized aluminum to ensure accuracy and a lifetime of service. With multiple possible configurations of its precision-machined components, the Betterley UNA_GAUGE opens new worlds of tool alignment and adjustment versatility. Among countless other uses, it will allow you to: Check and adjust table saw blade/miter slot alignment Set table saw blade and router bit height quickly and accurately Check for runout in arbors, spindles, blades and bits Square drill press tables/spindles Fine tune fence settings on table saws, router tables and shapers Set jointer cut depth and check beds for parallelism Set jointer blades and check for cutter head alignment Set perfect zero-out allowances for templates and guides Align and adjust offset fences on shapers and router tables Repeat power tool settings quickly and with near-perfect accuracy

Betterley UNA-GAUGE Universal Alignment and Adjustment Gauge

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