eAccessoriesUSA 20 Front License Plate Mount Mounting Holder 情熱セール Tag eAccessoriesUSA 20 Front License Plate Mount Mounting Holder 情熱セール Tag 84円 eAccessoriesUSA 20 Front License Plate Tag Holder Mounting Mount Automotive Exterior Accessories eAccessoriesUSA,lablifepro.com,License,Mounting,Tag,Mount,Plate,84円,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,20,/engrain1945293.html,Front,Holder 84円 eAccessoriesUSA 20 Front License Plate Tag Holder Mounting Mount Automotive Exterior Accessories eAccessoriesUSA,lablifepro.com,License,Mounting,Tag,Mount,Plate,84円,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,20,/engrain1945293.html,Front,Holder

eAccessoriesUSA 贈与 20 Front License Plate Mount Mounting Holder 情熱セール Tag

eAccessoriesUSA 20 Front License Plate Tag Holder Mounting Mount


eAccessoriesUSA 20 Front License Plate Tag Holder Mounting Mount

Product description

Item Package Quantity:20


________________☀️ for ☀️__________________

_______? DODGE (ALL MODELS) ?_______

________________☀️ with ☀️________________

? 6 SCREWS ?

✔️ Attach mounting bracket to the front Bumper with 2 sharp screws.
✔️ Choose short or long flat screws to attach license plate to the mounting bracket.
Flat Bolts comes with 2 option to use.
✅ USE short FLAT bolts to mount just license plate !
✅ USE Long FLAT bolts to mount License Plate with Frame!

This bracket will fit for ALL FLAT SHAPE OF THE BUMPERS!
⚠️ Bracket Will NOT work on Curved Spot of the Bumper or V Shaped Bumpers.
⚠️ Or you can mount it on left or right side of the bumper.
✔️ BRACKET has SIZE - (2.5" x 12").
✔️ Will work for all US, CANADA amp; MEXICO license plates!
⚠️ Will NOT fit for EUROPEAN license plates.
⚠️May require new holes in the bumper. Try to use original screws if holes are already present!

Designed to fit all standard novelty/license plates issued by all 50 states.
Can be used on USA amp; Canada standard 6"x 12" License Plate #'s.

?PLEASE DON'T WORRY it will fit for ALL Makes and Models with FLAT SHAPE OF THE BUMPERS !!! ?
⚠️This is not an OEM bracket.
✅ Universal Front License Plate Bracket has Flat shape.
✅ You can fit this bracket to your bumper on plastic zipper also!
⚠️ Zippers are included!

✔️ We Always Accept Return For Refund Because We Have 30 Days Amazon Return Policy !

eAccessoriesUSA 20 Front License Plate Tag Holder Mounting Mount

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