CLARK'S Cutting 大人気 Board Finishing Kit - Rosemary Lavender Scent Cutting,Board,Lavender,Finishing,Scent,,Rosemary,CLARK'S,Kit,-,-,/elder463214.html,Health Household , Household Supplies,26円 26円 CLARK'S Cutting Board Finishing Kit - Lavender - Rosemary Scent Health Household Household Supplies CLARK'S Cutting 大人気 Board Finishing Kit - Rosemary Lavender Scent 26円 CLARK'S Cutting Board Finishing Kit - Lavender - Rosemary Scent Health Household Household Supplies Cutting,Board,Lavender,Finishing,Scent,,Rosemary,CLARK'S,Kit,-,-,/elder463214.html,Health Household , Household Supplies,26円

CLARK'S Cutting 大人気 Board Finishing Kit - Rosemary Lavender お買得 Scent

CLARK'S Cutting Board Finishing Kit - Lavender - Rosemary Scent


CLARK'S Cutting Board Finishing Kit - Lavender - Rosemary Scent

Product Description

What is The Best Way to Clean and Care for Wood Cutting Boards? It’s probably the most frequently asked question as it relates to cutting boards, butcher blocks, and other wood kitchen tools.

CLARK'S Finishing Kit is our answer to this important question. There are other companies that sell different forms of wax, and a few that sell oil, but no one gives you the complete solution like CLARK’S.

Our products are perfectly formulated to work together to Clean, Condition, and Protect your valuable kitchen surfaces.

What is Included in This Kit?

Clarks Finishing Kit

  • CLARK’S 12oz Cutting Board Oil for penetrating, conditioning and sealing the wood to prevent drying, cracking amp; warping. CLARK’S oil soaks deep into the wood creating that same easy to clean barrier without any ill effects. Rejuvenate cutting boards and protect them from future damage with CLARK’S Cutting Board Oil, a delightfully scented formula that’s easy to apply and works beautifully to restore and revive your food surfaces.
  • CLARK’S 6oz Finishing Wax for protecting and restoring the surface of your cutting board or butcher block. CLARK’S Cutting Board Finish is a thoughtful mix of Carnauba Wax, Beeswax and mineral oil. This formula goes on easily, and maintains its consistency while being stored between uses.
  • CLARK’S Applicator for easy application of wax or oil. Shaped to fit in your hand, to provide a consistent application and made in the USA!
  • CLARK’S Buffing Pad to bring out the natural colors and shine of your wood products.
steps of cutting board care

How to Care for Your Cutting Board in 3 Easy Steps!

Proper maintenance of your cutting board, butcher block, or other wood kitchen surfaces can give them a lifetime of use. Follow 3 simple steps:

STEP 1: Clean your cutting board with soap that contains natural ingredients

STEP 2: Preserve your cutting board with the highest grade of cutting board oil

STEP 3: Protect your board with a wax finish made from bees-wax and a generous amount of Carnauba

steps of cutting board care

3 Steps of Cutting Board Care

cutting board soap

Step 1: Clean

cutting board oil

Step 2: Preserve

cutting board wax

Step 3: Protect

CLARK'S Cutting Board Finishing Kit - Lavender - Rosemary Scent

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