NIANXINN,Decoration,Curtain,Vintage,B,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,38円,Bamboo,,Roller,Natural,/ectodactylism1749867.html,Reed 38円 NIANXINN Natural Reed Curtain,Vintage Decoration Bamboo Roller B Home Kitchen Home Décor Products NIANXINN 人気急上昇 Natural Reed Curtain Vintage Bamboo Decoration B Roller NIANXINN 人気急上昇 Natural Reed Curtain Vintage Bamboo Decoration B Roller NIANXINN,Decoration,Curtain,Vintage,B,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,38円,Bamboo,,Roller,Natural,/ectodactylism1749867.html,Reed 38円 NIANXINN Natural Reed Curtain,Vintage Decoration Bamboo Roller B Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

NIANXINN 人気急上昇 Natural Reed 売り込み Curtain Vintage Bamboo Decoration B Roller

NIANXINN Natural Reed Curtain,Vintage Decoration Bamboo Roller B


NIANXINN Natural Reed Curtain,Vintage Decoration Bamboo Roller B

Product description


Environmental protection Reed roller shutter; Strict selection of natural reeds, hand-woven, natural and delicate texture, breathable shading, natural decoration, retro elegance, exquisite appearance, reliable and durable.

Our reed curtains are easy to install. Easy installation in minutes, including all necessary hardware accessories. Can be used indoors or in the courtyard, smoothly rolling up or down to control your room.

? [Product description]
Product name: natural reed curtain
quantity: 1
Process: pure hand
Cleaning: wipe with water
Working principle: Install a lifter to lift the roller blind
Functional effects: decoration, shading and ventilation, sun shading
Applicable places: living room, reading room, restaurant, studio, shop, office, lounge, curtain partition, tea room, coffee shop, wall decoration, curtain, sun shade, etc.
Installation method: internal installation, external installation

? [About customization]
Customizable: If you want to customize the size, please email your request
Custom size: width x height
Customization range: width: 50-200cm, height: 50-400cm
Customization time: 3-5 days for custom product

? [Measurement method]
External installation:
Curtain width = window width + 10cm (4 ")
Curtain height = curtain height + 10cm (4 ")
Internal installation:
Curtain width = window width -1cm (0.4 ")
Curtain height = window height

? [Reminder]
1. Please confirm the size of the bamboo roller blind before purchasing. Feel your understanding, please allow 1-3cm size deviation and slight color difference.
2. Due to the natural material, the reed curtain retains the original texture, so the difference in details is normal.
3. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us, we will reply you within 24 hours and provide you with the best service to ensure 100% satisfaction.

NIANXINN Natural Reed Curtain,Vintage Decoration Bamboo Roller B

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