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lala final vmhd from LabLifePro on Vimeo.

DJ Lala is the official DJ for Suga Free, Ill Camille, and 2MexLala is one of the leading female DJ’s in underground and westcoast Hip Hop.

She is a well known DJ, radio host, educator, and dancer. DJ Lala- “My family means the world to me. RIP mother, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be where I’m atI am fascinated with all the elements of hip hop.”

I could of been opening up for Tiesto or other major artists but decided to not sell my soul to the devil! Peace and love to all the independent artist, DJ’s, emcees, dancers, taggers, painters one love.”

Lucy Sarabia caught up with DJ Lala at the screening of her film “The Girl From Lala Land” on June 25th and had the opportunity to ask her a few things about her DJ career.

In this interview with LabLifePro Lala talks about the first record she ever played as a DJ.  She also mentions that she has opened up for The Beatnuts and she is a resident DJ for Rhymefest LA.

DJ Lala also tell us what her favorite piece of equipment is mentioning the Rane SL57 mixer.

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