12,oz,49円,Set,Orion,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Spiral,lablifepro.com,Margarita/Martini,4,/detersively1847349.html,Assoted,-,of Orion Assoted Spiral 12 高い素材 oz Margarita Set - of 4 Martini Orion Assoted Spiral 12 高い素材 oz Margarita Set - of 4 Martini 49円 Orion Assoted Spiral 12 oz Margarita/Martini - Set of 4 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining 12,oz,49円,Set,Orion,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Spiral,lablifepro.com,Margarita/Martini,4,/detersively1847349.html,Assoted,-,of 49円 Orion Assoted Spiral 12 oz Margarita/Martini - Set of 4 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Orion Assoted Spiral 新作 大人気 12 高い素材 oz Margarita Set - of 4 Martini

Orion Assoted Spiral 12 oz Margarita/Martini - Set of 4


Orion Assoted Spiral 12 oz Margarita/Martini - Set of 4

Product description

Orion's glassware is perfect for everyday use in your home or for unwinding in a poolside cabana and entertaining guests with dinner party fare.

Each and every piece of our planet-friendly recycled glass is hand blown by skilled artisans in the heart of Mexico. The slight variations you may notice in size, color, or shape help to reveal the authenticity of the craft -” the imperfect perfections of a unique work of art.

Orion offers products that shine for every occasion. Refresh to impress with this "4-piece set" of one-of-a-kind "Margarita", each handmade for your dinner celebrations, summer cookouts, and family dining festivities.

Enjoy your favorite refreshments in our beautifully handcrafted Mexican glassware and bring a century's old tradition to your dining table today.

Orion Assoted Spiral 12 oz Margarita/Martini - Set of 4

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