TLC Sport New UK 男女兼用 Womens Classic Stretch Wai Relaxed Wide Fit Classic,Fit/Wide,Sport,Womens,,Fit,Stretch,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,TLC,Wai,UK,/contented1749899.html,New,Relaxed,31円 Classic,Fit/Wide,Sport,Womens,,Fit,Stretch,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,TLC,Wai,UK,/contented1749899.html,New,Relaxed,31円 31円 TLC Sport New UK Womens Classic Stretch Relaxed Fit/Wide Fit Wai Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women 31円 TLC Sport New UK Womens Classic Stretch Relaxed Fit/Wide Fit Wai Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women TLC Sport New UK 男女兼用 Womens Classic Stretch Wai Relaxed Wide Fit

TLC Sport New UK 男女兼用 Womens Classic オーバーのアイテム取扱☆ Stretch Wai Relaxed Wide Fit

TLC Sport New UK Womens Classic Stretch Relaxed Fit/Wide Fit Wai


TLC Sport New UK Womens Classic Stretch Relaxed Fit/Wide Fit Wai

Product Description


To empower women through building confidence in how they look and feel. To provide cutting edge clothing, which exceeds all expectations with regards to quality, cost, choice and fit; accessible to every woman, in order to promote fitness, exercise and wellbeing.


Established in 1984, TLC Sport has been in the sportswear business long enough to know what women value most. We work hard to ensure we deliver the best possible product we can; we develop our own bespoke fabrics, we create all our own designs and fits and we rigorously test our products to ensure that you get the perfect pants to see you beyond your workout.


These pants are perfect for those looking for more support from their clothing. They fit, firm and flatter in all the right places to ensure you feel comfortable supported and most importantly, not exposed! We are different from the rest for two key reasons; fabric and fit. We develop our own fabrics so they feel like a second skin, plus you won't find any bagging or loss of shape or colour over time. If you're looking for a pant that won't let you down, stands the test of time, and actually makes a real difference to how you look and feel - these are the ones for you!


· UK Best Sellers! Designed By Women, For Women.

· Relaxed Boot Cut Fit Is Super Flattering, Featuring A Smooth Fit Waistband.

· Fitted Around The Bottom, This Pant Gently Skims The Upper Thigh

· Loose Around The Knees And Calves

· Highly Functional - Ideal For Frequent Gym Use Or Leisure.

· High Stretch Bespoke Fabric Ensures A Comfortable And Flattering Fit.

· Subtle Seamings Means These Pants Can Be Worn To Work, Around The House Or Even On An Evening Out - Super Versatile!

· Never Loses Shape Or Colour, Wash After Wash.

· Slimming Matte Finish Means No Sweat Patches.

· Available In Short, Regular Or Long.

· Exclusive, Performance Fabric: Viscose 93% Elastane 7%

· These Pants Are Designed To Allow For Slight Shrinkage In Length. Please Do Not Adjust The Pants Until They Have Been Washed.

· Model Height amp; UK Size: 6 Foot/Size 12. Model Wears: Size Medium, Long Leg Length.

TLC Sport New UK Womens Classic Stretch Relaxed Fit/Wide Fit Wai


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