Toastess TBS-21 Vacuum-Packing 25%OFF System Food-Storage Toastess TBS-21 Vacuum-Packing 25%OFF System Food-Storage 26円 Toastess TBS-21 Vacuum-Packing Food-Storage System Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining 26円 Toastess TBS-21 Vacuum-Packing Food-Storage System Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Toastess,Food-Storage,TBS-21,/contented1749699.html,System,26円,Vacuum-Packing, Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Toastess,Food-Storage,TBS-21,/contented1749699.html,System,26円,Vacuum-Packing,

Toastess TBS-21 Vacuum-Packing 25%OFF System 定番キャンバス Food-Storage

Toastess TBS-21 Vacuum-Packing Food-Storage System


Toastess TBS-21 Vacuum-Packing Food-Storage System

Product description

Wonderful with fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and leftovers, this vacuum bag sealer will revolutionize the way you prepare and store food. Simply place food in the included polyethylene bags, compress, cut to desired width and presto—you have food sealed airtight for freshness. Use it for refrigerator storage, freezing and microwaving. In addition to reducing food waste and spoilage, the vacuum-tight seal reduces space required for food storage. Also works great for preserving documents, children's artwork and more. Includes a 10’ roll of polyethylene. Imported. 5Hx14Wx3-1/2D".

Toastess TBS-21 Vacuum-Packing Food-Storage System

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