Zlovne Carbonization Reed Curtain Roman 人気の定番 Blinds Window Nat Louver 45円,Carbonization,Reed,Louver,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Blinds,Zlovne,/conspire71243.html,Window,Nat,Curtain,Roman,lablifepro.com 45円,Carbonization,Reed,Louver,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Blinds,Zlovne,/conspire71243.html,Window,Nat,Curtain,Roman,lablifepro.com 45円 Zlovne Carbonization Reed Curtain,Roman Blinds Louver Window,Nat Home Kitchen Home Décor Products 45円 Zlovne Carbonization Reed Curtain,Roman Blinds Louver Window,Nat Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Zlovne Carbonization Reed Curtain Roman 人気の定番 Blinds Window Nat Louver

Zlovne Carbonization Reed Curtain Roman 入荷予定 人気の定番 Blinds Window Nat Louver

Zlovne Carbonization Reed Curtain,Roman Blinds Louver Window,Nat


Zlovne Carbonization Reed Curtain,Roman Blinds Louver Window,Nat

Product description


*welcome to my shop!

100% natural reed rods woven by hand. Environmentally friendly and healthy materials. After high temperature treatment, carbonization, retro brown, delicate surface and smooth. Cut the edges neatly, without burrs, and not hurt your hands. With high quality, clear stripes, uniform wiring, free cutting size, and then tighten the rope not loose.

The temperature can be adjusted, the shading performance is strong, and the sunlight can also be seen through the match stick. Create an atmosphere brought by nature. Enjoy slow life.

Two bamboo boards are used to connect the lifter and the reed curtain. Below is the bamboo pole. The screw hook hangs the reed curtain to make the curtain more firm.

* Product name: Bamboo blinds
Style: Brown-Carbonization
Cleaning: Wipe and clean the reed curtains with a damp cloth
Size (width x height): can be customized
Installation method: internal, external, side, top
Working principle: pull rope
Function: shading, light transmission, ventilation, UV resistance
Applicable scenarios: wall decoration, background wall, ceiling, curtains, curtain partitions, etc.

* Package includes: 1X roller blind + complete accessories

1. Because it is made of natural reed, the width of the reed will be slightly different. Due to the problem of light and shooting angle, the difference in details is normal. Thank you for understanding!
2. If you have any questions, please let us know at any time by email, we will bring you the best service!

Zlovne Carbonization Reed Curtain,Roman Blinds Louver Window,Nat


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