Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,140円,Swagger,Kids,Scooter,Folding,/conspire103543.html,Teens,,8,Electric,Swagtron,for Swagtron Swagger 8 Folding Electric for Scooter Kids セールSALE%OFF Teens Swagtron Swagger 8 Folding Electric for Scooter Kids セールSALE%OFF Teens Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,140円,Swagger,Kids,Scooter,Folding,/conspire103543.html,Teens,,8,Electric,Swagtron,for 140円 Swagtron Swagger 8 Folding Electric Scooter for Kids Teens Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation 140円 Swagtron Swagger 8 Folding Electric Scooter for Kids Teens Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

Swagtron Swagger 8 Folding Electric for Scooter Kids セールSALE%OFF Teens 返品不可

Swagtron Swagger 8 Folding Electric Scooter for Kids Teens


Swagtron Swagger 8 Folding Electric Scooter for Kids Teens

Product Description

SWAGTRON Swagger 8 Folding Electric Kick Scooter — Riding Is Believing

SWAGTRON Swagger 8 Folding Electric Kick Scooter — Riding Is Believing

The Swagger-8 from SWAGTRON — an ultra-lightweight, whisper-quiet folding electric scooter for kids, teens and young adults. Its design was well-thought-out with a rider-first focus that let us craft an extremely durable powered scooter with an ultra-quiet rear hub motor. The Swagger 8 electric scooter is everything you want in an electric-powered scooter — durable, feature-rich and exciting. Perfect for parents whose kids are ready for electric exploration, but who still want something with solid control and extra safeguards.

Smart Features, Optimized Ride

This electric kick scooter is powered by an efficient battery that work in perfect harmony with the ultra-quiet motor. The battery fully charges in just 3 hours and powers the Swagger 8 up to 10 miles on a single charge; reach top speeds of 15 mph; and conquer steep, 10-degree inclines with ease. Maintain a consistent speed for 6 seconds and the Swagger 8 automatically engages cruise control when the feature is manually activated.

Won’t Start Until You Start

The Swagger 8 features a power-saving enhancement that ensures you get the very most out of this motorized scooter. Manually activate the kick-to-start feature and extend the battery life. Once this feature is turned on, the motor becomes motion-activated and will not turn on until you reach 1.8 mph manually. Using the kick-start feature, you can increase your range by 10 to 25 percent, depending on riding style, rider weight and other factors. Just hop on, kick and go.


Net Weight: 14.4 lb. / 7 kg | Dimensions – Folded: 33.46 x 16.9 x 11.41 in. (850 x 430 x 290 mm) | Dimension – Unfolded: 36.41 x 16.9 x 40.15 in. (925 x 430 x 1020 mm) | Materials: Aluminum alloy | Max. Load: 150 lb. / 68 kg | Wheels: 5.5 in. | Tire Materials: Solid rubber | Brake Type: Electric, Rear friction, “Autoguard” | Motor: 200W | Charging Time: 2~3 hours | Mile Range*: 10 mi / 16 km | Max. Speed*: 12 MPH / 19.3 km/h | Climbing Capacity*: 10˚ | IP Rating: IPX4 | Other Features: LCD display, Front suspension, Cruise control, Kick-to-start

* Performance-based specs can vary depending on factors including riding style, terrain, rider weight and more.

Built Bold, Ready to Roll

The Swagger 8 can take a beating. Its frame, built from aerospace-grade aluminum-alloy, easily supports riders up to 150 pounds. And it does so without adding a lot of extra bulk. Weighing just 17.5 pounds, the Swagger 8 is extra portable. Quickly fold the electronic scooter when you need to dash, hop on the bus, or store it in compact spaces.

Adjustable Height Stem

With its adjustable stem, the Swagger 8 has extra longevity that other electric scooters in its class simply can’t match. Raise the handlebar to let the scooter grow as the rider grows, or simply adjust the height to maximize comfort. After all, a comfortable ride is a perfect ride. And with the Swagger 8, riding is believing.

World-Class Service and Support

Have a question? Need extra guidance? Visit our Help Hub for up-to-date information, how-to videos, and answers to frequently asked questions. Need to speak to a human? We get it. That’s why all SWAGTRON rideables are backed by our expert team of support specialists, fully staffed in the U.S. and available seven days a week. Simply email, phone or on live chat.

Swagtron Swagger 8 Folding Electric Scooter for Kids Teens

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