Carlisle Comp. N4401023 Comfort Curve Wash 引出物 Tote Basin Ergonomic 182円 Carlisle Comp. N4401023 Comfort Curve Ergonomic Wash Basin Tote Home Kitchen Storage Organization /cammocky71396.html,Comp.,Tote,N4401023,Curve,Basin,Carlisle,Comfort,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Wash,Ergonomic,,182円 Carlisle Comp. N4401023 Comfort Curve Wash 引出物 Tote Basin Ergonomic /cammocky71396.html,Comp.,Tote,N4401023,Curve,Basin,Carlisle,Comfort,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Wash,Ergonomic,,182円 182円 Carlisle Comp. N4401023 Comfort Curve Ergonomic Wash Basin Tote Home Kitchen Storage Organization

Carlisle Comp. N4401023 Comfort Curve Wash 引出物 新作通販 Tote Basin Ergonomic

Carlisle Comp. N4401023 Comfort Curve Ergonomic Wash Basin Tote


Carlisle Comp. N4401023 Comfort Curve Ergonomic Wash Basin Tote

Product description

Size:5" Deep Box. Set of 4

Bus tables more efficiently with the Carlisle N4401023 bus/utility box. The reinforced rims minimize bending, bowing and breaking protecting your tableware reducing labor costs by allowing more to be safely carried in one trip. The molded in comfort curve handles ensure a comfortable grip for secure transporting. Integrated stacking lugs allow for efficient, Jam-Free storage when not in use. Unique contour lid design (sold separately) allows for easy box-on-box stacking. This box is compatible with the Carlisle N44012 universal bus box lid. The smooth interior with rounded corners prevents trapped food and debris from accumulating making for easy cleaning. The N4401023 measures 20 x 15 x 5 inches (L x W x H). it is made in the USA and recyclable.

Carlisle Comp. N4401023 Comfort Curve Ergonomic Wash Basin Tote

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