Update on Town of Duxbury Services During Covid-19 Outbreak
Town Hall Offices and Duxbury Beach

Town of Duxbury Board of Health Policy on Close Contacts Link as of 11/4/20 - Amended by Town of Duxbury Board of Health on 3/25/21 to include the following:

The Duxbury Board of Health voted in favor 5-0 to amend the Policy on Close Contacts that was voted on at the Board of Health meeting on October 23, 2020 to allow low and moderate risk level sports as defined by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs ( EEA) to follow the CDC definition of close contacts.  High Risk Level sports shall still continue to follow the Duxbury Board of Health Policy on Close Contacts that includes anyone participating as a player or coach in an indoor or outdoor sporting activity that has been exposed during the course of a game or practice to another participant or coach, either on the same or competing team, who has tested positive or developed COVID-19 symptoms within 48 hours of a game or practice, irrespective of maintaining social distancing of 6 feet for 15 minutes. 

This policy was voted by the Duxbury Board of Health on October 23, 2020 and amended on March 25, 2021 and shall remain in effect until such time the Board deems it no longer necessary.

On Monday, April 5, Town Hall and Old Town will re-open to the general public allowing foot traffic back into the offices.

The following measures are being taken and will be in place upon re-opening:

  •         Masks will be required of all patrons visiting the offices at all times
  •         Visitors will be required to maintain a social distance of six feet (6’) from other persons. Floors have been marked with decals indicating proper social distance.
  •         No more than ten (10) visitors may be on a floor at any time. Keeping count of the number of patrons visiting Town Hall will be up to both the patrons and the staff to help ensure compliance.
  •         For those offices where patrons may need to sign documents, if they do not have a pen of their own, each office will keep a set of “clean” pens for their use and wipe them down after each use.

If an in person visit is not viable at this time, every department will continue to conduct business virtually via phone, email, internet, US Mail. As necessary, most departments are available by appointment on a case-by-case basis.  Until further notice public meetings for some boards and committees (such as Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee), are being conducted virtually utilizing remote meeting technology. Some land use boards and committees, as allowed under a State Act, are not holding public hearings at this time as public hearings have different requirements than public meetings. If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate department, board or committee for more information regarding services, meetings and schedules.

Below are some frequently asked questions that you may find helpful:

  • When can I get a Covid-19 vaccination?  Click Mustang Girls Low-Top Sneakers for information related to the distribution of the Covid vaccination and for comorbidities, please see CDC definition of Certain Medical Conditions and Risk for Severe COVID-19 Illness | CDC).
  • How do I buy a beach sticker? Click here to purchase a sticker online or click here to print and complete a hardcopy form for residents and here for non-residents and follow the instructions provided. Hardcopies are also found behind Town Hall along with and envelopes, which can be left in our mail drop box.

    To purchase a sticker by phone please contact City Hall Systems at 508-381-5455. For any questions regarding the online sticker process or the status of your order, please dial 508-381-5456.
  • How do I buy a transfer station sticker? Click here to print and complete a hardcopy or click here to purchase online. Hardcopies are also found behind Town Hall along with envelopes, which can be left in our mail drop box.
  • How can I pay my real estate, personal property, water, motor vehicle excise orboat excise bill? Click here to pay online or simply return your bill and payment via US Mail or in the drop box in back of Town Hall.
  • How do I reach a specific department? Click here for department phone numbers and contact information.
  • How do I receive emergency notifications? Click here to sign-up for notification via phone, text or email.
  • How do I stay informed about re-opening or beach updates, department news or announcements, board and committees meeting agendas or minutes? Click here to access our E-Alerts page and subscribe to the topics most important to you.
  • How do I stay informed about the latest news regarding reopening Massachusetts and the impact of reopening on Duxbury?  Click here for the latest news and guidance related to reopening.
  • How do I stay informed about Covid-19 in Massachusetts?  Click  here for MEMA updates. 
  • How do I link to the Massachusetts Covid 19 Community-Level Data interactive map? Clicker here for the MA Covid-19 Community-Level Data Interactive Map.
  • Where do I find more information on voting in Duxbury?  Click here to visit the Town Clerk's Elections, Town Meetings & Voting page for more detailed information on voting. 

Duxbury Reopening Plan


MA Guidance, Links, Checklists and Resources from Massachusetts for Reopening

MA Guidance for Reopening of Restaurants for Phase II

MA Guidance for Reopening of Restaurants for Phase III


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BCBGMAXAZRIA Women's Sleeveless Halter Peplum Dress

Online Payments and Transactions »

Duxbury Town Hall remains closed to the public.  Duxbury offers several different...

Water/Sewer Demand Bills - Update »

**This is a courtesy reminder to anyone that DID NOT pay their Water/Sewer Bill**Water/Sewer Demand...

Water/Sewer Demand Bills »

Water/Sewer Demand Bills have been issued and are due Thursday, August 19, 2021. Payments can be made:

Real Estate Taxes Due Monday, August 2, 2021 »

A reminder that FY22 Q1 Real Estate taxes are due Monday, August 2, 2021. Payments can be made:

Notice of Duxbury Police & Fire Training Exercises »

The Duxbury Police and Fire Departments will be conducting a training exercise at the Duxbury High School and Middle...

Covid Vaccination Clinic at the Kingston Collection Mall »

The Regional COVID-19 Kingston Collection Collaborative has opened a COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic at the Kingston...

 Archived news (2017 and earlier)


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Examples of messages sent through CivicReady:

* Emergency Alerts
* General Updates
* Utility Notifications

After registering for CivicReady, download the download the MyAlerts app, available for iOS or Android devices, and log in with your contact information.

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