,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Shaped,Sun,Post,82円,8.5,mm,Satin,14k,Gold,Earrings,/bookroom463751.html,Yellow 82円 14k Yellow Gold Satin Sun Shaped Post Earrings 8.5 mm Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women 82円 14k Yellow Gold Satin Sun Shaped Post Earrings 8.5 mm Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women 14k Yellow Gold Satin Sun 8.5 Earrings Shaped 在庫あり Post mm 14k Yellow Gold Satin Sun 8.5 Earrings Shaped 在庫あり Post mm,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Shaped,Sun,Post,82円,8.5,mm,Satin,14k,Gold,Earrings,/bookroom463751.html,Yellow

14k Yellow Gold Satin Sun 8.5 Earrings Shaped ※ラッピング ※ 在庫あり Post mm

14k Yellow Gold Satin Sun Shaped Post Earrings 8.5 mm


14k Yellow Gold Satin Sun Shaped Post Earrings 8.5 mm

Product description

MADE IN THE USA - Genuine 14k Yellow Gold - Avg Weight: 0.90 gr.
Item Size: 8.5 mm (for perspective please see additional pictures for item set against an inch ruler)
30 Day Hassle Free Returns
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Other Specs:
Earring Closure: Post amp; Push Back
Earring Type: Button
Feature: Solid
Finish: Polished
Gender: Women's
Manufacturing Process: Casted
Texture: Diamond-cut
Length: 8.5 mm
Material: Gold
Purity: 14K

14k Yellow Gold Satin Sun Shaped Post Earrings 8.5 mm

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