CPL440,Coupl,49円,1/4,lablifepro.com,Inch,/bookroom1748051.html,Lincoln,Series,Interstate,Steel,Pneumatics,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools 高級品 Interstate Pneumatics CPL440 1 4 Inch Steel Lincoln Coupl Series 49円 Interstate Pneumatics CPL440 1/4 Inch Lincoln Series Steel Coupl Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools 49円 Interstate Pneumatics CPL440 1/4 Inch Lincoln Series Steel Coupl Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools 高級品 Interstate Pneumatics CPL440 1 4 Inch Steel Lincoln Coupl Series CPL440,Coupl,49円,1/4,lablifepro.com,Inch,/bookroom1748051.html,Lincoln,Series,Interstate,Steel,Pneumatics,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools

高級品 Interstate Pneumatics CPL440 1 4 Inch 超歓迎された Steel Lincoln Coupl Series

Interstate Pneumatics CPL440 1/4 Inch Lincoln Series Steel Coupl


Interstate Pneumatics CPL440 1/4 Inch Lincoln Series Steel Coupl

Product description

Item Package Quantity:10

Interstate Pneumatics 1/4 inch Lincoln Series Coupler Plug x 1/4 inch Female NPT series plugs are forged from tool steel, heat treated and zinc plated to increase hardness, durability and corrosion resistance. These plugs are interchangeable with the Lincoln standard series plugs produced by other manufacturers. Maximum operating pressure 300 PSI.

Interstate Pneumatics CPL440 1/4 Inch Lincoln Series Steel Coupl


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