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Today the internet can be an incredible resource for learning how to record, mix and master. From free tutorials on YouTube to paid subscriptions from Lynda, Groove3 and Puremix you can learn the trade for a fraction of the cost of attending a vocational school. In this article I want to share Audio School Online ( which is one of my personal favorites.

Audio School Online is the teaching vehicle for engineer Ken Lewis whose credits include Jay-Z, Bruno Mars and Lenny Kravitz to name a few. His site offers a variety of courses from basic vocal comping, to in-depth looks at compression, mixing and production. Courses are very affordable – mostly under $20 and they all come with accompanying Pro Tools Sessions plus consolidated audio stems for those of you using different software. His teaching style is very clear and easy to follow and I like how he explains his philosophy behind the decisions and moves within a particular task.

Perhaps the greatest strength of his tutorials is the awareness that not everyone is working with top of the line plugins, studios, gear etc. Case in point, his “Mixing Lead Vocals” tutorial goes through the process 5 times using 5 different plugin chains. He begins with UAD plugins, then Waves, then stock Pro Tools plugins, then a random assortment of plugins and finally using a Channel Strip plugin. This is not only a great way to illustrate the differences between plugin types but also a way to show that you can achieve similar results with a variety of full movie Rings online

Additionally, Audio School Online has very practical tutorials that are in tune with how a lot of newer artists tend to work. The best example is his “Mixing for Mixtapes” tutorial which focuses on recording and mixing artists to 2-track beats as opposed to fully tracked out sessions. The reality of today’s environment is that often you’ll not get full audio stems from producers and learning how to make the most of what you’re given is a necessity.

As a big user and fan of online learning resources, I recommend giving Audio School Online a look when considering tutorials. The combination of affordable pricing and access to session materials make this site one of the finer audio education experiences.

Reported by Dj Icewater