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Zhaomi Bamboo Blind Roller Shades,Lifting Bamboo Roller Blinds,R


Zhaomi Bamboo Blind Roller Shades,Lifting Bamboo Roller Blinds,R

Product description


Natural reed curtains can purify the air, block light, maintain heat insulation and ventilation; the surface is easy to clean, easy to assemble and adjust, and has not changed color for many years. It is the best choice for indoor or outdoor shade decoration.

Product parameters:
Product name: Reed Roller Blind
Material: Reed
Working principle: pull rope, lifter
Installation method: internal, external, top, side
Function: decoration, shading and ventilation, sun protection
Applicable scene: wall decoration, ceiling, curtain, door curtain, partition, sun shade
The package contains: 1 roller blind + installation accessories

Size: width x height (customizable)
Custom range: width: 50-140cm, height: 50-400cm

Measurement methods:
External installation: Curtain width = window width + 10 cm; curtain height = window height + 10 cm
Internal installation: curtain width = window width -1 cm; curtain height = window height

1. The products are all in kind and measured manually. Due to the shooting angle, light and display, slight chromatic aberration and errors will inevitably occur. Thank you for your understanding!
2. If you have any questions during the purchase or use, please feel free to contact us by email so that we can provide you with the best service. wish you a happy life!

Zhaomi Bamboo Blind Roller Shades,Lifting Bamboo Roller Blinds,R

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