Automotive , Exterior Accessories,Junction,Kit,,/areola1847257.html,AB,31円,Light,Tools,Small,-,Wiring,Trailer,Plug,,Lights, AB Tools Trailer Light Wiring Kit 誕生日/お祝い Plug - Small Junction Lights AB Tools Trailer Light Wiring Kit 誕生日/お祝い Plug - Small Junction Lights 31円 AB Tools Trailer Light Wiring Kit - Small Lights, Plug, Junction Automotive Exterior Accessories Automotive , Exterior Accessories,Junction,Kit,,/areola1847257.html,AB,31円,Light,Tools,Small,-,Wiring,Trailer,Plug,,Lights, 31円 AB Tools Trailer Light Wiring Kit - Small Lights, Plug, Junction Automotive Exterior Accessories

AB Tools Trailer Light 正規激安 Wiring Kit 誕生日 お祝い Plug - Small Junction Lights

AB Tools Trailer Light Wiring Kit - Small Lights, Plug, Junction


AB Tools Trailer Light Wiring Kit - Small Lights, Plug, Junction

Product description

Includes all the parts you need to fit a pair of rear lights to a trailer.

Perfect for new builds, refurbishments etc.

Wiring guide is shown in the last picture.

Lights are approved and are 'e' marked.

Kit Includes;

2 x Small Trailer Lights
Provides Indicator, brake light, side light functions.
Also features a window in the side of the lamps to illuminate the number plate.
Includes Bulbs.
Size 102mm wide, 97mm tall.

7 Pin Trailer Plug
Brass pins.
Screw Terminals for easy connection.
ABS Housing.

10 Way Waterproof Junction ox
Allows easy joining of the trailer cables from the two lights and to the plug.
Houses a 10 way terminal block.
Screw Terminals for easy wire connection.

5m 7 Core Trailer Wiring Cable.
Automotive grade.
Tough outside insulation provides good protection against rubbing and chafing.
Internal wire colours yellow, blue, white, green, brown, red and black.
Suitable for up to 4A.

25 x Female Crimp Spade Terminals
Easily crimped on to the wire ends.
The most common connection to trailer lights.

AB Tools Trailer Light Wiring Kit - Small Lights, Plug, Junction

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