Large Soft Comfortable Backrest Headboard 激安 激安特価 送料無料 cushion King fo pillow 104円 Large Soft Comfortable Backrest Headboard King cushion pillow fo Home Kitchen Bedding 104円,Comfortable,King,cushion,Headboard,Backrest,pillow,Soft,,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Large,fo,/areola1749857.html 104円,Comfortable,King,cushion,Headboard,Backrest,pillow,Soft,,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Large,fo,/areola1749857.html Large Soft Comfortable Backrest Headboard 激安 激安特価 送料無料 cushion King fo pillow 104円 Large Soft Comfortable Backrest Headboard King cushion pillow fo Home Kitchen Bedding

Large Soft Comfortable Backrest Headboard 激安 激安特価 送料無料 cushion King チープ fo pillow

Large Soft Comfortable Backrest Headboard King cushion pillow fo


Large Soft Comfortable Backrest Headboard King cushion pillow fo

Product description


When You Watch TV On A Bed,You May Need A Soft And Comfortable Cushion Or Mat When You Are Reading On A Bed.Here We Offer A Good Quality, Multiple styles, sizes and colors Reasonably Priced Headboard Cushion And You Should Not Miss It.

Cover material: Corduroy

Filler: polyester cotton

Package includes: solid triangular wedge pad

Scope of application: Can read or watch TV, it is very suitable for use at home, office chair and sofa or bed, or carry it with you.

Cleaning instructions: Pillow cover can be cleaned, pillow core can not be cleaned, cleaned, dried, water temperature during low temperature ironing should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, no bleaching.


1. After Received The Item,Please Place A Few Days To Return To Normal Because Of Vacuum Packaging.

2. The length of the bedside cushion is different, and the number of buttons is different

3. Because Of Vacuum Packaging,The Item May Have Wrinkles After receiving.For The First Time,Please Gently Pat The Object And Make It.Restore The Original shape.


Delivery time 15-25 days

If you have not received your order after 30 days, please contact us.

If you like, join your shopping cart. Welcome to visit our store. we are committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service.

Large Soft Comfortable Backrest Headboard King cushion pillow fo


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