Kraft Tool CF012 Magnesium Hand 予約販売 Float Wood Handle 3-1 with 12 x 20円 Kraft Tool CF012 Magnesium Hand Float with Wood Handle, 12 x 3-1 Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools 20円 Kraft Tool CF012 Magnesium Hand Float with Wood Handle, 12 x 3-1 Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Wood,x,12,Kraft,3-1,Tool,with,CF012,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Float,Handle,,Hand,,20円,Magnesium,/areola1748157.html Wood,x,12,Kraft,3-1,Tool,with,CF012,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Float,Handle,,Hand,,20円,Magnesium,/areola1748157.html Kraft Tool CF012 Magnesium Hand 予約販売 Float Wood Handle 3-1 with 12 x

Kraft Tool CF012 Magnesium Hand 予約販売 Float Wood Handle 3-1 訳あり商品 with 12 x

Kraft Tool CF012 Magnesium Hand Float with Wood Handle, 12 x 3-1


Kraft Tool CF012 Magnesium Hand Float with Wood Handle, 12 x 3-1

Product description

Size:12 x 3-1/4-Inch

Ron Meyer and Si Kraft established Kraft Tool Co. in 1981. Quality is a mainstay in our business. In order to supply our customers the best products, we have strict quality control while sourcing material globally to use in our manufacturing facilities in Shawnee, Kansas; Neodesha, Kansas; and Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania. Over our 37 years we’ve grown from a small building to a sprawling manufacturing and warehouse facility. Our brands have been making products since 1798 with W. Rose masonry tools, Superior Tile Cutter since 1938, and Sands Level amp; Tools since 1895, and Gator Tools since 2008. Thank you for supporting Kraft Tool Co. As always, our guarantee of providing you the highest quality tools and service is our most important job.

Kraft Tool CF012 Magnesium Hand Float with Wood Handle, 12 x 3-1

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