Lindby Clamp-On 5☆大好評 Ribbed Footpegs Black Anodized Lindby Clamp-On 5☆大好評 Ribbed Footpegs Black Anodized 133円 Lindby Clamp-On Ribbed Footpegs Anodized Black Automotive Motorcycle Powersports 133円 Lindby Clamp-On Ribbed Footpegs Anodized Black Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Anodized,Ribbed,/antiopium1849017.html,Lindby,Clamp-On,133円,Black,,Footpegs Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Anodized,Ribbed,/antiopium1849017.html,Lindby,Clamp-On,133円,Black,,Footpegs

Lindby Clamp-On 5☆大好評 Ribbed Footpegs 正規店 Black Anodized

Lindby Clamp-On Ribbed Footpegs Anodized Black


Lindby Clamp-On Ribbed Footpegs Anodized Black

Product description

  • High Quality Billet Aluminum Clamp-On Ribbed Footpegs Will Fit Any Highway Bar or Frame With 1=1/4" Outer Diameter Tubing.
  • Sold in Pairs.
  • Lindby Clamp-On Ribbed Footpegs Anodized Black


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