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LAB·EH お気にいる Human Hair Extensions Clip Highl Ombre Brown Chocolate in 日本未発売

LAB·EH Human Hair Extensions Clip in Ombre Chocolate Brown Highl


LAB·EH Human Hair Extensions Clip in Ombre Chocolate Brown Highl

Product Description


About Lab Beauty

We are a professional company dedicated to hair extensions and eyelashes. We have been developing in this field for many years and have gradually become one of the leading manufacturers.

During this period, in addition to accumulating customers, we also have more skilled craftsmanship. The trust and love of customers is our constant goal. Our eyelashes are of high quality and beautifully designed, almost reaching perfect standards. Choosing us is also a peace of mind for yourself. Hope we can bring you a whole new experience.



1.Q : How often can i wash it? is it ok to wash them always?

A : Do not wash your hair until 48 hours after the extensions have be installed. I wash it every 4-5 days. With a proper care, they can last up to 2-3 months or more.

2.Q : Can i use curling irons and straighteners on the extensions? If so, do they do the curls well?

A : Yes the hair is safe to curl with curling irons. It holds the curls well. I recommend using a heat protection spray on it to prevent damage.

3.Q : I have medium thick hair, a little past the shoulder... will this be enough hair to blend in?

A : You can use multiple clips, I usually use the largest (4 clips) and then the next size down, 3 clips. I put the 4 clips in on the bottom, then the 3 on top and it blends in well with medium thickness hair. It depends what length you get, you may need to have a hair dresser trim them to look like they flow with your hair. I usually curl or out a wave in my hair to help them blend


How to Apply?

1.Brush your own hair and your hairpiece through evenly to remove all knots.

2.Take your hair from each ear and section off in a clear curved part across your head and secure with hair clip.







1.Q : The clip was damaged by my force when I was wearing the hair extensions. How can I solve this?

A : There are spare clips in the hair extension package I received. You can sew these onto the weft, as easy as sewing a button.

2.Q : Is this easy to put on? How long does it take?

A : Yes! Its really easy, Clip in human hair is very easily to wear and takes it off, I spend only 6 minutes.

3.Q : How long will they last typically and do I need them put in by a stylist?

A : The clip in will last a long time if you take care of them. I don't leave them in while sleeping. Take them out and place them back in the box. You can also hand wash and condition them. You don't need a stylist you can install yourself.


LAB·EH Human Hair Extensions Clip in Ombre Chocolate Brown Highl

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