and,Freestanding,98円,Sneeze,Desk,/Philepitta103694.html,Counter,-,for,Protective,,Guard,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,Clea Protective Sneeze Guard for Counter Clea and Desk 激安通販販売 Freestanding - 98円 Protective Sneeze Guard for Counter and Desk - Freestanding Clea Tools Home Improvement Safety Security and,Freestanding,98円,Sneeze,Desk,/Philepitta103694.html,Counter,-,for,Protective,,Guard,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,Clea Protective Sneeze Guard for Counter Clea and Desk 激安通販販売 Freestanding - 98円 Protective Sneeze Guard for Counter and Desk - Freestanding Clea Tools Home Improvement Safety Security

Protective Sneeze Guard for Counter Clea and Desk 激安通販 激安通販販売 Freestanding -

Protective Sneeze Guard for Counter and Desk - Freestanding Clea


Protective Sneeze Guard for Counter and Desk - Freestanding Clea

Product description


This portable, freestanding plexiglass protective shield is perfect for a receptionist's desk, sale counter, or commercial/restaurant kitchen window where social distancing rules are difficult to apply. As a part of your office or store's health protection system, Menucha Publishers' portable tabletop splash guard partition provides a transparent way to continue to interact with your customers and encourage them to return for more business. It's designed to help retail shops and stores to avoid the need for an expensive remodel, life-changing process revisions, or cutting back on crucial open hours.

Five Sizes Available:
48" x 32" (actual size 47.75" x 31.75")
36" x 24" (actual size 35.75" x 23.75")
31" x 31"
30" x 24" (actual size 29.75" x 23.75")
24" x 16" (actual size 23.75" x15.75")

Choose the perfect size for your reception area, shop counter, or desks - and if you'd prefer to hang it from the ceiling or upper wall, you can do that too with the pre-drilled holes (hardware not included). And being made of acrylic instead of polycarbonate means it's scratch-proof - it can be cleaned and wiped over and over again, between each transaction or service, as often as you or your employee needs in order to keep things looking professional.

Need to travel with or store the shield? While the sturdy legs are tight-fit, they're not permanent and can be removed as needed.


Additional recommended uses include:
Doctor's offices, dental offices or emergency care clinics
Day care facilities and schools
Certain food service counters - opening is large enough for many sizes of plates and bowls
As part of a portable office
Dry cleaners and laundry

Protect yourself, your employees and your customers. Menucha Publishers’ Plexiglass Sneeze Guard is here to help keep your business running smoothly.

Protective Sneeze Guard for Counter and Desk - Freestanding Clea

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