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現品 Go Hooked お買得 Multicolor Round Rattan Woven Flower P Plastic Hanging

Go Hooked Multicolor Round Rattan Woven Plastic Flower Hanging P


Go Hooked Multicolor Round Rattan Woven Plastic Flower Hanging P

Product description

Size:Pack of 7

Go Hooked Round Rattan Woven Plastic Flower Hanging Planter/Beautiful Round Gamla Pot/Flower Hanging Pot For Garden Balcony (Multicolor, Pack of 7)


The hanging pot constructed with attractive woven look and texture that's remarkably similar to real rattan, classic style round planter easily hanging around and can make a great addition to any part of your home make a great addition to any part of your home - indoors or outdoors amp; decorate your window or yard. It is Lightweight, recyclable amp; with a stylish rattan look. Can also be placed on the ground with its flat base. Best for garden gift and to keep.The perfect gift for gardeners lovers. Perfect for your patio, front porch, and balcony or inside your home.


gt; Material -- Plastic

gt; Color -- Multicolor (Color will be send as per stock availability

gt; Set Contents -- Set of 7 Planter

gt; Dimension -- 7.1 x 4.8 Inch (Dia. x Height)

gt; Package Includes -- 7

Go Hooked Multicolor Round Rattan Woven Plastic Flower Hanging P

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A garden for everyone, open by reservation

Discover the Native Plants of North America

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