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Pepibear Water Repellent Recliner Cover Chair 25%OFF 激安超特価 Upgraded

Pepibear Water Repellent Recliner Cover Upgraded Recliner Chair


Pepibear Water Repellent Recliner Cover Upgraded Recliner Chair

Product description


Whether are you tired of the worn out recliner chair in the home? Perpibear recliner cover is a perfect solution for you. We are committed to providing  high-quality slipcovers for you.Our upscale slipcovers can play a practical and aesthetic role for your room décor.

1.Adopted upgraded Water-Repellent technology fabric, Pepibear recliner chair cover can protect your furniture from daily spills.
2.Superior fabric:Differs from those cheap and inferior-quality fabrics,our recliner covers are more stretchy and durable, 85% polyester and 15% spandex fabric ensuring both good function and comfort. 
3.IDEAL FIT: Our slipcover fits most standard recliner :Front 30 inch-37.5 inch, Back 24 inch-32 inch, Height 29 inch-36.5 inch, Width 26 inch-34 inch.
4.Easy to install: With instructional tags, you'll be able to install it in minutes.If you still have doubts,the installation guide is clearly shown on the product images just for your reference.

NOTE:Due to the diverse light and monitor display, colors may slightly differ from picture and product.We will try our best to minimize the color difference.

Pepibear Water Repellent Recliner Cover Upgraded Recliner Chair

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