Wenli Girls' Glitz Formal 割引も実施中 Pageant Gowns Beaded 58円 Wenli Girls' Glitz Formal Beaded Pageant Gowns Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Girls Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Girls,Girls',Beaded,Glitz,Gowns,Pageant,58円,lablifepro.com,Wenli,Formal,/Cathartae1847425.html 58円 Wenli Girls' Glitz Formal Beaded Pageant Gowns Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Girls Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Girls,Girls',Beaded,Glitz,Gowns,Pageant,58円,lablifepro.com,Wenli,Formal,/Cathartae1847425.html Wenli Girls' Glitz Formal 割引も実施中 Pageant Gowns Beaded

Wenli Girls' Glitz Formal 割引も実施中 Pageant Gowns 世界の人気ブランド Beaded

Wenli Girls' Glitz Formal Beaded Pageant Gowns


Wenli Girls' Glitz Formal Beaded Pageant Gowns

Product description

Size Chart:

size 2 for 1-2 yrs: Chest,23"/Waist,22"/Shoulder to hem(dress length),36"

size 4 for 3-4 yrs: Chest,24"/Waist,23"/Shoulder to hem(dress length),39"

size 6 for 5-6 yrs: Chest,25.5"/Waist,23"/Shoulder to hem(dress length),41.5"

size 8 for 7-8 yrs: Chest,27"/Waist,24.5"/Shoulder to hem(dress length),44.5"

size 10 for 9-10 yrs: Chest,28.5"/Waist,25.5"/Shoulder to hem(dress length),46.5"

size 12 for 11-12 yrs: Chest,30"/Waist,27"/Shoulder to hem(dress length),49.5"

szie 14 for 13-14 yrs: Chest,32"/Waist,30"/Shoulder to hem(dress length),53"

size 16 for 15-16 yrs: Chest,34"/Waist,32"/Shoulder to hem(dress length),56"

Wenli Girls' Glitz Formal Beaded Pageant Gowns

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